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Who We Are


To excel in providing services to present and prospective members in a friendly and helpful manner, while maintaining the Credit Union's long-term financial stability.

Racine Municipal Employees Credit Union was organized in 1953 and chartered by the state of Wisconsin on October 28th. Charter Members of our Credit Union included employees from several departments of the City of Racine including Public Works,City Attorney's Office, Water, Planning, Real Estate appraisal, Parks and Recreation and the Wastewater department. They organized the Credit Union to promote ralph lauren online shopping thrift and loan funds to the employees of the City of Racine, their families and also organizations and associations of the City of Racine employees and employees of the County of Racine, Village of Caledonia, Village of Mt. Pleasant, Belle Urban System, Northwest Molded Products, and most recently a change was made in our charter to encompass all governmental employees, including state and federal employees, living or working in Racine County.

As we have grown over the years, we've found it necessary to move from our original location using office space in City Hall, to an officers home, through small rental spaces, and finally to purchasing our own building in 1982.

Computers have made dramatic changes in our Credit Union. We have had our in-house data processing system since 1991, enabling us to add a vast array of products such as share drafts (checking), share Certificates, IRA's, credit cards, savings bonds, debit cards, ralph lauren outlet second mortgage/equity loans and auto leasing. Technology continues to move our Credit Union into the future of financial services with our new on-line banking services, or Member.net. Our new web site will offer our services and more, through a secure internet connection into your home computer, allowing you to conduct your Credit Union transactions 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Our mission is to stay member focused - to be run by and for you, our members. Any input you can give will be sincerely appreciated and thoughtfully considered.


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